Time to Get Back to Work

This is a little embarrassing; people are registering to receive updates and I haven’t posted in years. It’s also a blessing because it may be the nudge I need to do more work, although I recently moved back to California away from all of my primary sources.
It occurs to me that doing genealogy may be a bit like eating an elephant. Every once in awhile someone will drop a truckload of well-researched and documented information in your lap, but usually it’s best to just take one bite at a time. I’m anxious to get to my 3rd great-grandfather Babb, but I feel like I ought to tie up loose ends in more recent generations first.
I’m pretty comfortable that I know what I need to know about my mother and her immediate family. I’m sure that I don’t know everything, but it’s probably none of my business. The Lawrence Morgan sighting in Wyoming in 1910 is intriguing, but what would it mean if it was my grandfather? Probably not much.
My father’s immediate family has been interesting. I think I’m good with the paternal grandparents, and I’ll respect the privacy of his sisters’ families. #5’s parents, although known, are more of a mystery. Who was #10 besides a name, where did he come from, and what became of him? Where did #11 come from?
For the time being, my “plan” is to work on the gaps in #8’s family and in #10’s. See how long I last before I get distracted again.

Hello world!

I was over on the Ancestry Aces page on Facebook, and Crista Cowan asked if we had a genealogy blog. I already have a blog or two; but, as I’ve thought about it, a genealogy blog sings to me a little bit.

I have no idea whether or not anyone visits my Babb site or my Washburn-Hill site; but, to the extent that anyone ever does, encouraging a conversation seems like a pretty good idea. Here it is.

My work has been in a bit of a lull recently. Although I now live within an hour of Laurens, South Carolina, I still haven’t been down there. I’m only a few hours from Henry County, Georgia, but haven’t been back there recently either. I haven’t been up north in years. I did get to help a little on the Seth Babb cabin raising up in Greenville, TN, awhile ago, but they’re somewhat removed from Kellet and Colville.

I have been working on indexing for the 1940 U.S. Federal Census, and have a new appreciation for those who have gone before me. I was exasperated that no one could find my mother’s paternal grandfather in Story County, IA, in 1880 because Washburn had been mis-indexed. Well, 100 batches into the 1940 census, I can tell you that reading some of these census takers’ writing isn’t exactly a walk in the park. One might have expected a little more conformity and uniformity, but one would have been disappointed.

Anyway, here it is: my first post on my genealogy blog. Feel free to chime in!