Waiting for More DNA Matches

For whatever reason, I got my invitation to participate in the new Ancestry DNA program early, and I sent my sample back the day I got the kit. That’s where “pretty quick” stops.

I’ve watched too much television and retained some illusion that my results would be back within 46 minutes. They took a couple of months. My results contained no grenades: 64% British Isles, 32% Central European, and 4% Who the Heck Knows. That’s consistent with everything that I know of or have heard about my immigrant ancestors

Now I’m waiting for someone closer than my 29 probable 4th cousins to submit DNA samples. ┬áNothing wrong with 4th cousins, and, yes, they may have research on families I’m looking at. Actually, and upon further reflection, I’m nor really sure what I’m waiting for; maybe for my brother or one of my sisters to say “Hey, Sibling!.” Maybe they won’t. We’ll see.

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