Who Said So?

For the longest time I used a quote attributed to C.S. Lewis on my e-mail signature without questioning it. C.S. Lewis doesn’t appear to have ever said or written those words anywhere still in the historical record. I should have known better.

Early on in my investigations a cousin of mine, Olive Margaret Batcher, cautioned me that, although the internet can be your friend, it can often be a false friend. I’ve noticed many family trees which consistently contain the same common error and it’s apparent that folks have simply been copying trees from one another without checking them. I understood how Robert E. Babb, Penny Kilgore, and even Jean Sargent, could perpetuate an error; they were working with perhaps hundreds of index cards, many with common names. (Every household of my Babb family had at least one Kellett Babb in it for awhile but the first one was probably not born to a long-deceased father and aging mother.)

Feel free to call me out on it, but I’ve tried to do a better job of citing my source material since I started my web pages. It’s not perfect because, in my experience, there don’t always seem to be reliable sources. Finding early information on my ancestors with Huntingtons has been and may remain an impenetrable brick wall. I need to do my best to vet information before I put it out where people will probably copy and paste it as gospel into their family trees. Not entirely sure why I owe that to them, but I owe it to myself.