A Low-Key Celebration of Sorts

Not a huge fan of self-congratulatory posts; but just found out this blog has been added to Cyndi’s List, and that’s kind of a big deal to me.

When I first started poking around in genealogy I had the opportunity to sit in while my cousin, Olive Batcher, interviewed my motherĀ about her recollections as the sole surviving child of my grandmother for her book, Hill-Wallace Family History. Olive came with boxes of photographs (Mom shared some of hers, too). They talked for hours, and Olive carefully sourced and identified everything.

Later, I met Olive in Ames, Iowa, and we drove up to Story County, Iowa, where she walked me through the genealogical section of their library in Nevada looking for Washburns and Stemlers. Again, she emphasized the importance of sourcing, ideally from primary data. Not a fan at all of internet genealogy, she cautioned me against relying on anything that I hadn’t carefully checked myself for accuracy.

She also mentioned another genealogist she had heard speak at a gathering of genealogists a few years ealier: Jean Sargent. Jean, of course, had coincidentally written Babb Families of America, so I had one role model recommending the other to me.

I am conscious, especially when posting anywhere for the public, of the potential for misinformation, and I do try to source as much from primary documents as possible. It’s not that I care about being correct for the folks copying from my trees, but that I don’t want to be an embarrassment to Jean or to Olive, or to misinform the people I hope will use my trees to inform themselves about their families.

Don’t know if they just read my blog or my trees or what, but now I’m on Cyndi’s List; and I take that for what it’s worth, and will try not to embarrass anyone.

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