What to say about my Southern Roots

I’m a Babb, and my line of Babbs moved down the East Coast from Virginia into South Carolina and then into Georgia in the early 1800’s. I can’t do anything about that.

The land my ancestors moved onto in Georgia was essentially stolen from the Cherokee, and there’s no good way to sugar-coat that. They didn’t steal it, but it was stolen so that white families could exploit it. I don’t know at this point who the family’s land in South Carolina was taken from, but it was good land and I’m pretty sure someone was already on it.

Then there’s the whole mish-mash of states rights, stavery, and the Civil War. It’s 2015 as I write this, and in 2015 – especially after that monster shot nine people after sitting with them at a prayer meeting – it’s all about white supremacy. Of course, the entire history of European colonialism has been about white supremacy, and states rights were an issue at the Constitutional convention, but we put on our blinders now and behave as though it’s all about white and black.

Here’s the thing: at least four of my 2nd great-uncles served the Confederacy, most with the 53rd Georgia Infantry. They served at Gettysburg, and Richmond and Appomattox, and three of them did not return from the war. One, a medic I believe, was captured outside of Atlanta and briefly held as a POW. I respect their service and their sacrifice.

The flag they served under isn’t mine, but it was theirs. The fact of its subsequent adoption by hate groups shouldn’t reflect on their service any more than the adoption of the svastika by the Nazis in the 20th century should reflect on ancient Sanskrit culture.

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